Family Counseling

Family therapy addresses a wide range of psychological issues (depression, anxiety, anger outbursts, action out, eating disorders, addictions, etc.) One goal of family therapy is to help family members to experience how they are interlinked and to become aware of the connection between what family members do and how the health of every member influences the others.

The work in family therapy is focused of helping family members develop more effective ways of communicating and to learn to make better choices in effort to get needs met, so that the family environment becomes more stable and peaceful. Insight, empathy, respect, and caring are enhanced with family members who are invested in the treatment. During the family treatment process, family members will sometimes meet together and sometimes meet individually with the therapist.

Family therapy allows families to say how they feel about a problem in a safe and supportive setting. Sometimes, the problem can be really difficult to deal with at home and counseling provides an opportunity for families to get together, and openly talk about an issue, as well as obtain necessary information about further sources of help.