Established in 2005, Austin Mental Health is an Austin-based counseling center.

We believe counseling is about growing. It is about learning new and more effective ways of navigating every day life so that an individual may live a more authentic and fulfilling life.

The counseling relationship at Austin Mental Health is a collaborative process in which counselor and client(s) work together to meet the goals set by the individual, couple, and/or family.


We specialize in working with adolescents and their families dealing with issues such as:

  • Self-esteem and relationship issues
  • Conduct and respect issues
  • Family conflict
We offer counseling and psychotherapy for:
We work with clients dealing with issues such as:
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Relationship issues
  • Substance abuse and addiction
  • Self-image and self-esteem
  • Anger management
  • Physical, emotional and sexual abuse
  • Social isolation
  • Personality disorders
  • Adolescent and adult Bi-polar disorder
  • Dysfunctional eating patterns
  • Life adjustment and developmental issues
Frequently Asked Questions